Mare Services

Laura Cronk, Manager

Laura Cronk, Manager

Under the guidance of long time breeding expert, Laura Cronk, mares that reside at Hope Reigns Arabians receive the very best care.  Daily teasing, proper nutrition for their stage of gestation, breed and body type and meticulous tracking of heat cycles all lead to higher fertility rates.  Whether it’s shipped semen, on site breeding, embryo transfer or problem mares, Laura and  Dr. Bret Luedke from Iron Horse Equine work together seamlessly to get your mare pregnant and deliver a healthy foal.  

Large, beautiful rolling pastures surround a carefully renovated main training barn with 26 box stalls and a full size indoor arena. The barn and indoor arena are both equipped with radiant heating to facilitate year round development and training. A vet lab and foaling stalls with surveillance cameras are integrated within the main barn to facilitate a safe and effective breeding program.

Mares that reside at HRA receive the following:  

  • Heat cycle management for shipped cooled semen, frozen semen or embryo transfer
  • Evaluation and management of problem mares
  • Daily teasing
  • Proper nutrition, including supplements for gestating mares and growing foals
  • Exercise and turn out
  • Daily grooming and maintenance
  • Vaccinations and deworming at proper intervals
  • Monitored foaling
  • Neonatal care

Vet Lab

Foals at their mare’s side are handled on a daily basis at HRA.  Before they are even weaned, they know how to be haltered, lead on a lead rope, have their feet picked up and be trimmed by a farrier and be groomed all over.  All of these things make weaning easier on the foal.

Weaning time can often be a stressful time for mare owners.  At Hope Reigns Arabians, Laura evaluates each foal and mare for the right time to wean.  Many factors come in to play in deciding when to wean, including the foal’s personality and confidence level, the mare’s behavior towards the foal, the age, size and gender of the foal and the foal’s overall health and happiness.  

After weaning, the foals enter in to a weanling kindergarden program where they learn everything they need to know to be a big horse- leading, clipping, bathing and other new experiences.